Language Smile Logos are the creation of The Stinson Connection, founded by Ronald E. Stinson a telecommunications contractor in 1999. Traveling all over the World on various telephony contracts, Ronald discovered the Power of a Smile transcends Country, Culture, Nation and Tribe. Thus the creation of an idea to extend glad tidings and well wishes to all.

Ronald figured that being able to say at least "Hello" or "Have a Nice Day" in various languages was a path to Dialogue, Discovery and Understanding amongst people.

There are over 7,000 languages in the world and LSLogo has interfaced with a few. We were all young and dumb at one time and had to learn how to be Tribalistic, Culturelistic, Countrylistic and Nationalistic. All Saints Day in the World, Halloween in America, Bastille Day in France, Carnival in Brazil or October Fest in Germany. People all over the World are Celebrating something!

Recent events have shown a deeping Diversity but a growing Divide for future generations, so let us bridge the gap with information and understanding through dialogue and discovery which begins with a Language Smile Logo. Together let us learn about the World in which we live, the Country in which we live and the face of Money, because you're going to need more of it all over the Globe. 

Language Smile Logos are a way to make a connection, to build, not destroy, to honor those those that came before you and to teach those coming behind you.

"Have a Nice Day" in every way in any Language Smile Logo from all over the World.